Precast Septic Tanks

Our tanks are manufactured in our facility in Rosenort. All tank are approved to CSA standard B66-10, certified for depths up to 12 feet. Tanks have lifting hooks cast into the concrete to provide a safe and easily accessible means of installation. We also have a standard 4" PolyLok inlet, which eliminates messy and inconvenient gluing with a simple hose clamp. Tanks have a standard 30" diameter manhole. We deliver our tanks and will crane them into place. Give us a call at 204-746-8822!  For complete specs and sizes on all tanks, click here.


2500 Gallon Septic tank

2500 Gallon Septic Tank

2000 Gallon Septic tank

1500 Gallon Septic tank

1000 Gallon Sepic tank

750 Gallon Septic tank